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Project:Construction οf Berth 20 at Yanbu Industriαl Port - King Fahd Industrial Port Arabia
Location:Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Date:2009 - 2010
The objective of this project was to conduct the structural design of a new Jetty at the Yanbu Industrial port. The project is located at approximate Latitude 24°4.9'N and longitude 38°4.32'E on the eastern shore of the Red Sea.

The proposed jetty is comprised of a deck slab supported on piles. The jetty will accommodate oil tankers between 50,000 and 100,000 DWT.

New platform quay deck on piles

The structure is deck on piles type and the concrete deck which is founded on vertical steel tubular open-ended driven pipe piles, 938mm diameter and 19.0mm wall thickness arranged on an orthogonal grid, having dimensions of 5.05 meters longitudinally and 5.20 meters laterally.

The piles were driven offshore, using a hydraulic hammer, from the sea bed level -18.00 and they penetrate the sea bed rock layer by a penetration depth as determined by the respective geotechnical evaluations and the pile load tests.

The platform quay deck, having a total longitudinal length of 255 meters and a total width of 28,75m, was sub-divided in separate structurally independent typical sub-structures, with an array of lateral open joints, of 12 cm opening, at every 42 meters. This jointing arrangement catered for the anticipated thermal expansion / contraction deformations and for all significant horizontal forces (seismic, berthing, mooring etc) acting upon the quay deck.

The deck superstructure, at the joints positions, was supported on twin piles, on pairs about the joint’s axes, each at every side of the open joint.

Similarly, the platform quay deck are laterally separated from the longitudinal service gallery, with an open longitudinal joint, of 12 cm opening, against the high horizontal berthing and seismic loads upon the quay deck.