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Project:Limassol Port Container Terminal
Client:Cyprus Ports Authority
Location:Limassol, Cyprus
Date:04/2010 - ongoing
Limassol Port is situated on the outskirts of the country's second main city in terms of population and economic significance. It is the largest port in Cyprus, serving most of the island's seaborne cargo and passenger traffic.
It handles two thirds of the total container traffic locally generated and transhipment as well as the entire volume of grain imports. Similarly, over 90% of the country's passenger traffic is presently served by this port. As a container port, Limassol provides two terminals with six gantry cranes and a total annual capacity of 600.000 TEUs.Limassol Port's development plan includes the port’s upgrading in order to serve Post Panamax Ships of the 5th or 6th generation, Super Post Panamax Ships of the 7th generation and the latest generation of Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS). The development aims to make Limassol Port a significant competitor in the transhipment market. “Phase A” works at the port's new container terminal were completed in September 2009. The new births will serve container ships of the 7th generation transporting up to 10.000TEU.

The implemented design included the following:
• Dredging: A central feature of the project was the excavation of the new west basin to provide depths appropriate to large modern container vessels.
• The required depths of dredging were 16m below M.S.W.L. general depth within the port and 17m below M.S.W.L. in entrance channel and turning circle.
• Extension of the port’s entrance from 150 to 190m by use of ancored steel sheet piles
• Support of 670m. of the existing quaywalls foundation with cement mattresses
The cost of the project for “Phase A” works was about 16.000.000 €
The tender documents for “Phase B” works and the designed upgrade will accommodate ULCSs transporting up to 15.000TEU. In “Phase B” the existing quaywall of the in the northern end of the west basin is extended by 500m. The new births will serve ULCSs of average length of 400m and breadth 60m. The working depth of the new quaywall is 16m. below M.S.W.L. A 30.5m wide gantry crane will be constructed upon the superstructure of the new quaywall. The total length of the crane rails that will serve the ULCSs is 465m.The budget of the project for “Phase B” works reaches 36.000.000€.