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Project:Marina & Coastline Protection System against Wave Erosion in Alaminos
Client:The Alaminos Estate
Location:Alaminos, Cyprus
A coastline protection system against waves and erosion, has been constructed in the south coast of Cyprus island. The system consists of a number of detached breakwaters with lengths varying between 140 and 200m, constructed of armour stones. The structures are placed in a parallel line to the coast at a distance of 150 to 200m from it and cover a coastal area of over 2 km in length. The general layout of the structures, the spacing between them, the distance from the coast and their angle, together with their elevation, have all been determined by using a mathematical model developed and fine tuned for this specific area.

Meteorological conditions, the wave patterns, the physical characteristics of coastal deposits and the history of the coastline accretion – erosion, as derived from past surveys, were all taken into account.

The engineering and the geotechnical design of the breakwaters as well as that of the adjacent marina at the east end of the area under consideration, have been performed by TRITON.

Supervision of the project was also carried out by TRITON’s office in Cyprus.