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Project:Consulting Services for an Oilseed Crushing Plant at Ilyichevsk Port
Client:Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Location:Ilyichevsk, Ukraine
Consulting Services related to the construction and operation of an Oilseed Crushing Plant in Ilyichevsk Ukraine, to be developed by Black Sea Industries (B.S.I.), a Ukraine registered company, owed by ESTRON Corporation.

The project involved the construction of a multiseed -crushing facility focused on sunflower and soybean, to be built at the Port of Ilyichevsk, Ukraine. The project’s crushing capacity is 1500 t/day of sunflower seeds or 2400 t/day of soybeans. The new facility has been located in a green field adjacent to the site of ESTRON’s Grain Terminal. Both facilities, i.e. the Terminal and the crushing plant are to interconnected by a 196m long conveyor with the later using the loading-unloading and storage facilities of the ESTRON Terminal.

The crushing plant investment includes a preparation / crushing facility (from Allocco), a solvent extraction facility, underground hexane tanks, a boiler plant capable of using alternative fuels, flat storage areas, a tank farm and other related installations.
The Consultant’s tasks included:
• Assess the feasibility of the project’s Business Plan.
• Advice the Bank on the eligibility of the proposed project for bank loans.
• Assess the project's financial risks
• Review the technical design
• Αssess the Environmental Impact Plan of the project.
• Provide services as Financial and Technical Supervisor (task pending)

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