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Project:New H.F.O. Unloading Jetty in Rabigh
Client:HUTA - Hegerfeld Saudia LTD
Location:Rabigh, KSA
Date:2009 - 2011
TRITON was the Contractor’s designer for the New H.F.O. unloading jetty on piles in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia. The jetty is built of reinforced concrete composite construction (combination of precast with cast-in-situ items, bonded together to form monolithic ensembles), founded upon inclined and vertical steel tubular, open-ended, driven pipe piles.

The Jetty under examination consists of the following, structurally independent, sub-structures :
- The H.F.O. Unloading Platform
- The four(4) Breasting Dolphins
- The six (6) Mooring Dolphins
- The operation / control and pumphouse tower
- The connection bridge / pipe trestle to the causeway
- The steel tubular-section lattice - truss catwalk footbridges