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Project:Shoreline Evolution and Upgrading of Existing Beach with Detached Breakwater Construction and Beach Artificial Nourishment at Le Meridien Hotel
Client:Le Meridien Limasol Spa&Resort
Location:Limasol, Cyprus
Τhe project involved the upgrade of the existing beach in front of the Le Meridien Spa & Resort Hotel facilities.

The beach was facing significant problems, originating from a rock formation, which is encountered at a short distance from the shoreline, having sections above and below the water line. The rock formation orientation is parallel to the shore operating as a detached breakwater. The original beach displayed quite unstable morphological characteristics, with local sand accumulations and almost stagnant waters of low quality. The problem arose from the vicinity of the parallel bar to the shoreline, since it was creating extremely calm conditions in the breakwater lee side. The concept of the design intervention was to create an artificial “opening” (gap) to the continuous rock formation, so as to allow the wave energy to enter in the sea area behind it, resulting in a more efficient between this and the shore. This led to an increase of the offshore current circulation in the initially protected area (behind the nearshore formation), which resulted in an arched shoreline configuration, with circulating and transparent sea waters suitable for recreation activities and swimming water circulation and sediment transport pattern (partial removement and loss of the existing sediment budget.

This led to the creation of an arched shaped beach with significantly improved quality and transparency of sea waters, appropriate for marine recreation activities and swimming. Furthermore, a detached breakwater of arched shape constructed in the eastern end of the rock formation, in order to form another artificial beach by changing of the initial water circulation patterns and sediment transport trends. The sandy beach formation was further enhanced by artificial nourishment. The accrued sandy beach is of arched shape with excellent sea water quality, ideal for swimming and sea recreation activities.

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