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Project:Technical Assistance & Supervision to the Ministry Of Public Works For The Extension Of The 10-28 Runway (& Taxiway) Of The Thessaloniki Airport
Client:Ministry of Environment Town Planning and Public Works (now: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks)
Location:Thessaloniki, Greece
Date:2009 - present
TRITON Consulting Engineers in association with ROGAN & Associates - KONSTANTINIDIS & Associates, acting as a J/V, have undertaken the task of providing Technical Assistance & supervision services to the Ministry of Public Works for the extension of the Thessaloniki Airport’s runway and taxiway. The existing Thessaloniki international airport’s runway and taxiway (10-28) are extended by 1150m into the sea. The runway extension consists of a 450m wide reclaimed corridor, in depths of up to 15m, made of granular materials, protected around its perimeter by either armored stones, or protective concrete quaywalls. The necessary 6 million cubic meters of materials for the landfill, is transported by split barges, 35 miles away.

Seabed improvement techniques are implemented using extensive dredging of the sea bottom and by inserting plastic drains into the seabed, down to – 35m from M.S.L. in a 2x2m grid. The reclamation’s core material is compacted using vibrocompaction and/or dynamic compaction, or preloading. A system of geotechnical instruments (piezometers, inclinometers, settlement meters etc.) have been installed and daily monitor the embankment’s behavior (i.e. measurements of seabed strata, pore pressure, consolidation of clay, settlements), during all construction phases.

Services provided by the J/V include among others:
- Monitoring the project implementation using advanced management techniques and software,
- Assessing technical options during construction, evaluating alternative solutions, identifying and recommend course of action to minimize delays and ensuring adherence to the Construction Schedule.
- Providing technical assistance to the Supervising Authority to ensure quality control, overall quality planning and monitoring of the Environmental Action Plan.
- Checking Contractor’s variation orders, claims etc.
- Assessing Contractor’s adequacy of equipment, qualifications of personnel, construction techniques etc.