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Project:Artificial Beach Design at Aghios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Center
Client:Christopher D. Constantinides Construction Company
Location:Aghios Kosmas, Greece
Date:2004 - 2004
The project objective was the upgrading of the existing shoreline, extending northeasterly of the Olympic Sailing Center (marina) in order to be used for recreation activities and swimming by the residents of the Ag. Kosmas district.

The proposal was the alternative to the original solution in which a continuous armor protection for the entire coastal face was planed. The study proposed the interruption of the continuous shoreline armoring to create an artificial entrance and at the same time the formation of an artificial recess towards the shore. Due to absence of sandy sediment in the sea area (seawards of the initial shoreline) artificial nourishment of the recess was provided to create the new sandy beach face. To ensure the beach configuration and its sustainability through time, since wave conditions of significant energy were encountered right outside of the artificial recess, an underwater sill (breakwater) was provisioned.

Flexible structures were provided, consisting of quarry stones and crushed stone materials. The shoreline armoring was formed as a typical coastal revetment with slope equal to 3:1 (horizontal: vertical) and crest height at +2.10m (with significant overtopping discharges). The underwater breakwater was built from the same material and gradations, with crest elevation at -1.60m below water line. The artificial nourishment was implemented based on International Standards and Recommendations, concerning the gradation of the sandy sediment and the slope conformation of the artificial beach so as to simulate as much as possible the initial nearshore conditions.

The project was implemented in 2004, before the Olympic Games commencement, and is still maintained without any changes to the designed beach configuration.