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Project:Consultancy Services for the strategic planning of the greek ports development in the framework of the financial protocol between EIB & the Ministry Of Marine
The project consisted of consultancy services for technical, financial and legal services to support the Ministry of Mercantile Marine in its effort to establish and realize an optimum development policy for the master Greek Ports. More specifically the project involved the elaboration of a National Strategic Development Plan within a ten year time frame, the harmonization between the National Port Policy and the requirements of a Stategic Development Plan, the establishment of a priority list of projects and finally the provision of technical assistance to the to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine for the realization of 5 “top priority” projects (acceleration projects).
The project has a significance far beyond the Greek territory. Its financial repercussions are multidimensional since development of the port sector has a direct and important influence not only on the local economy buy on the European transport links, notably via the trans-European Transportation Networks, ISPS Code and CSI)
The deliverables of the project consisted of the following:
a) Description and analysis of the existing status quo, ie review the technical, functional, statutory, organizational, administrative issues of ports under consideration and their cargo and passenger traffic.
b) Evaluate the statutory – legal frameworks Survey the level of the port services and the associated industry services and examine the relevant international port standards and systems.
c) Assess the ports’ competitive environment and their development potential in this context.
d) Evaluate of the viability of the ports and services provided in relation to existing constrains and resources.
e) Identify synergies and competitive actions of port operations. Determine the strategic goals in connection with the National Port Policy and the contemporary European Port Policy.
f) Define development options – elaborate alternative scenarios. Determine the evaluation’s criteria and integrated and validated proposals for 35 selected projects and services to be urgently realized.
g) Focus on 4 projects to be included in an accelerated pocedure.
Sources of financing: (Protocol for the Financing of the Ports in Greece, Regulative Framework for Private – Public Partnerships (PPP), the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013, Community Initiatives (INTERREG, Information Society etc), the Syndicated and Bond Loans, potentials given by the Development Act 3299/2004, the Public Investment Program and the ports own resources.

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