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Project:Gypsum and Sea Water Return JPH in Jorf Lasfar Project (offshore)
Date:2012 - on going
Office Cherifien de Phosphates (OCP), owner of the Jorf Lasfar phosphate plant in Morocco, plans a great expansion of production, thus increasing the liquid waste by-product of the adopted phosphate production process and necessitating the construction of a new offshore diffusers system in compliance to modern environmental standards, with disposal at a distance up to 2.5 km from shore.
Under this scope the outfall was designed using a new network of onshore pipes, leading to an array of offshore pipelines to dispose the large quantity of waste gypsum slurry (14.4 m3/s to 30.1 m3/sec). The three pipelines to be constructed within the first operation phase measure lengths from onshore tie in flanges 1820m, 2195m and 2570m respectively each, including a 375 long diffuser.
The pipelines are constructed of HDPE pipes with OD1800m.
The design works comprising the project included all civil engineering works related to the construction of the three offshore pipelines:
• Determination of the severe wave energy originating from the Atlantic Ocean, using the state of the art MIKE 21 suite.
• Hydraulic analysis of the pipelines in order to ensure good operation of the outfall system under a wide range of great outflow rates.
• Protection of the pipelines within the surf zone by placing them within a trench and design of the armour system consisting of flexible concrete mattresses.
• Pipeline stability when out of trench using concrete ballast blocks.
• Geotechnical design (calculation of bearing capacity, overall trench stability, settlements and assessment of liquefaction).
• Pipe Sinking Design.
• Specifications for materials used (such as HDPE pipes, backfill and embedment material).
• Flowmeter chamber structural design.