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Project:Master Plan of Thessaloniki Port
Client:Thessaloniki Port S.A.
Location:Thessaloniki, Greece
Date:2009 - 2010
The present Study aimed to update and modify the existing three studies for the Salonica Port: i.e. the Operational Layout Design Study, the Marine Works Study, the E/M study and the Hydraulic Design Study.
Scope of the Operational Layout Design Study is the selection of the optimum operational layout for the extension of Quaywall No.26, using RTG’s systems for stacking and handling of containers and the general development study for the extended Container Terminal (existing layout and extension of Quaywall No.26) by defining main access roads, internal roads, rail link, stacking and handling area of containers, auxiliary spaces, buildings, main E/M infrastructures and expansion of the railway line in the container terminal.
The Marine Works Study includes the design of the foundation for the extension of Quaywall No.26, the structural design of the cellular boxes, structural design of the quaywall cope and foundation works for the
tracks of the port crane on the quaywall backfill (Shallow foundation or foundation on piles), the design of the backfill area behind the Quaywall No.26 and the design of heavy duty pavement for the area of container storage and handling.
Scope of the E/M design is the design of facilities for: Ship Service Network, electrification for the New Cranes that will be installed on the extension of Quaywall No.26, the Electric Lighting for the Terrestrial Zone, Low Voltage Networks ie Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), wireless communication systems and Audit System for E/ M Installation (BMS) and lightning protection.
Object of the Hydraulic Design Study is the stormwater drainage network expansion in the 6th Pier of the Thessaloniki Port.